Students can find the most related topics which helps them to analyse the concepts if they practice according to the chapter-wise page. It is necessary for the students to practice more questions in grammar. Notes Framing Questions Using ‘WH’ Words Questions and Answers Pdf, Notes, Summary 1st PUC English Textbook Answers are given in the pdf format in chapter-wise so that students can prepare in both online and offline modes. So, solve Karnataka 1st PUC English Solutions to improve your grammar skills.

Karnataka 1st PUC English Grammar Notes Framing Questions Using ‘WH’ Words

Frame ‘Wh’ questions so as to get the understand word/s as the answer:

1. An elephant made a friendship with a man.
2. Peace is costly.
3. An elephant made a friendship with a man.
4. The man had a little hut at the edge of the forest.
5. The schoolboy loves to rise in a summer morn.
6. Tejaswi’s story is about an unusual medicinal creeper.
7. The English man believed Mara.
8, Mara and his wife got ready to cook in their house.
9. Krishna stood before me pale and breathless.
10. The full course of the treatment was ten days.
11. The narrator took off his coat
12. The narrator had fourteen rupees in his wallet.
13. The people looked at the narrator like hungry wolves.
14. We must have some money.
15. Money the root of all evil.
16. The boys help their families by working as mechanics.
17. Tulu Rani Hazra has recruited 80 students.
18. The speaker wanted to be purified by burning in the holy fire.
19. Tree are more humane than humans.
20. Mara sprang off like a buck.
21. Bhima can swing an elephant by its tail.
22. Mara hid himself in the tree to meet the king.
23. Lakshmana was wounded in the battlefield.
24. Mara was praying for the king’s arrival.

1st PUC English Grammar Notes Framing Questions Using 'WH' Words

25. Mara had requested the Goddess to save the lake.
26. The goddess stood before Mara.
27. Mara pleaded with the Goddess because he wanted to save the lake.
28. The king built a shrine for Mara.
29. A Farmer’s wife was born with a bent head.
30. The farmer’s wife decides to embrace life.
31. Frederick Douglass was born in Tuckahoe.
32. Frederick Douglass escaped from slavery in 1838.
33. Douglass’ mother lived about twelve miles from Ns home. :
34. The old woman demands fifty paise to take the speaker to the shrine.
35. The two boys greet the visitors with friendly faces.
36. The German Elite Guard established headquarters in verora.
37. The two boys were saving money to go to America.
38. The two boys’ father had been singing at la Scala before the city was bombed.
39. Verona is a lovely city.

  1. Who made a friendship with a man?
  2. What is costly?
  3. Whom did the elephant make a friendship with?
  4. Where did the man have a little hut?
  5. When does the schoolboy love to rise?
  6. What is Teja swi’s story out
  7. Who believed Mata?
  8. Where did Mara and his wife get ready to cook?
  9. How did Krishna stand before me?
  10. How long was the full course of the treatment?
  11. What did the narrator take off?
  12. How much money did the narrator have in his wallet?
  13. How did the people look at the narrator?
  14. What must we have?
  15. What is the root of all evil?
  16. How do the boys help their families?
  17. How many students has Tulu Rani Hazra recruited?
  18. How did the speaker want to be purified?
  19. What are more humane than humans?
  20. How did Mata spring off?
  21. How can Bhima swing an elephant?
  22. why did Mata hide himself In the tree?
  23. Where was Lakshmana wounded?
  24. What was Mata praying for?
  25. Whom had Mata requested to save the lake?
  26. Who stood before Mata?
  27. Why did Mata plead with the Goddess?
  28. Whom did the king build a shrine for?
  29. Who was born with a bent head?
  30. What does the farmer’s wife decide?
  31. Where was Frederick Douglass born?
  32. When did Frederick Douglass escape from slavery?
  33. How far from his home did Douglass’ mother live?
  34. How much money does the old woman demand to take the speaker to the shrine?
    What amount does the old woman demand to take the speaker to the shrine?
  35. How do the two boys greet the visitors?
  36. Where did the German Elite Guard establish headquarters?
  37. Why were the two boys saving money?
  38. Where had the two boys’ father been singing before the city was bombed?
  39. Which is a lovely city?

1st PUC English Grammar Notes Framing Questions Using 'WH' Words

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