Karnataka 1st PUC EnglishWorkbook Answers articulation Subject-Verb Agreement

Read the following paragraph and observe the underlined words.

Last year, I had an opportunity to visit Mauritius by sea. We travelled in a big ship. There were other smaller ships going alongside. The whole fleet was in formation. The captain and pilot of our ship was very efficient. The journey was very comfortable. Bread and butter was given to us at breakfast. Each one of us was served food in plenty. I formed a useful friendship with one of the fellow passengers.We enjoyed the journey very much. Neither he nor I was in a hurry to reach Mauritius. In the evening we sat on the deck with other passengers. We had a lot of conversation on politics, mathematics,love and marriage. Someone said: ‘Politics is a clever game.’ Another said: ‘Mathematics is fascinating.’ Time passed pleasantly and we reached our destination. Note that the underlined words in the above paragraph illustrate the agreement of the verb with the subject.

1st PUC English Workbook Answers articulation Subject-Verb Agreement

I. Fill in the blanks with the correct choice of verbs given in brackets.

1. Every seat in this bus …………. a number, (has/have)
2. All seats in this bus ………… numbers, (have/has)
3 One of my friends ………… visiting.(are/is) me this evening.
4. A number of questions ………… asked (were/was) in the interview.
5. The crowd dispersed by the police, ………… (was/ were)
6. The Prime Minister with his cabinet colleagues ………… arrived, (have/has)
7. The captain of the Indian team as well as the players………… (is/are) here.
8. Either intelligence or hard work ………… required (is/are) to get good marks.
9. Neither Gopal nor Suresh ………… (attend/attends) our meetings.
10. Krishnamurthy or Narayan will………… (serve/serves) food to the guests.
1. has
2. have
3. is
4. were
5. was
6. has
7. are
8. is
9. attends
10. serve

1st PUC English Workbook Answers articulation Subject-Verb Agreement

II. Correct the following sentences.
1. Slow and steady win the race.
2. Time and tide waits for none.
3. Economics are an interest mg subject.
4. A bunch of keys have been found.
5. Measles are a dangerous disease.
1. Slow and steady wins the race.
2. Time and tide wait for none.
3. Economics is an interesting subject.
4. A bunch of keys has been found.
5. Measles is a dangerous disease.

1st PUC English Textbook Answers 

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