Atmosphere 8th Notes KSEEB Social Science

→ Atmosphere is a layer of gases, dust particles and water vapour surrounding the earth.

→ Atmosphere, layer of gases forms protective boundary between the entire space and the earth’s surface.

→ Atmosphere traps heat and makes Earth a planet for all the living organisms.

→ Layers of atmosphere divided are into 5 important layers on the basis of its characterstics.

→ Tropophere, startosphere, mesosphere, themosphere, exosphere, are the 5 important Layers of atmosphere.

Atmosphere Class 8 Notes KSEEB 8th Social Science

→ Weather conditions of a place is influenced by various elements such as temperature, pressure, wind, humidity, clouds, rainfall etc.

→ The sun is the main source of energy to the earth.

→ Temperature is recorded by an instrument called “thermometer”.

→ Temperate zone, torrid some, temperate zone, frigid zone etc are the important temperate zones.

→ Air has weight and it exerts pressure. It is called atmospheric pressure.

→ Air pressure is measured by Baromerter.

→ Wind is the horizantal movement of the air on the surface of the earth.

→ Wind blows on the earth due to rotation of the earth and difference in pressure. Anemometer’ is used to measure the speed of the wind.

→ Planetary winds, seasonal winds, local winds, cyclones and anticyclones, are the types of winds.

→ Planetary winds called permanent winds, they blow more or less in the same direction throughout the year.

→ The trade winds in the nothern hemisphere blow from Northeast to south west direction and in the southern hemisphere they blow, from south east to northwest.

Atmosphere Class 8 Notes KSEEB 8th Social Science

→ Westerlies Anti-trade winds are called ‘Roaring forties’.

→ Polar winds are called as easterlies. These are the cold dry winds blowing from the polar ice- caps.

→ Cyclones and anti cyclones blow due to great variation in pressure. These are temporary but sometimes dangerous and destructive.

→ Humidity is the amount of water vapour or moisture present in the air.

→ Humidity is measured by using an instrument called Hydrometer or psychrometer. Clouds is a mass of small water drops or ice crystals formed by the condensation of the water in the atmosphere.

→ Stratus, cumulus, cirrus, Nimbus clouds.

→ Precipitation in two form of water droplets is called rainfall.

→ Conventional Rainfall, or graphic rainfall, Cyclonic rainfall etc.

→ The atmospheric conditions of a smaller area at a particular time is called ‘weather’. Climate is the average conditions of the atmosphere over a long period of time of larger area.

KSEEB 8th Social Science Notes

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