Indian Water Resources 10th Notes KSEEB Social Science

→ Water is the most precious natural resource

→ Water resources can be divided into

  • Surface water
  • Ground water

→ Then river systems of India can be divided into
a. Rivers of North India: or ‘Himalayan rivers’
Eg: Indus, Ganges and Brahmaputra
b. Rivers of South India or ‘Peninsular India’ Mahanadi, Godavari, Kaveri

Indian Water Resources Class 10 Notes KSEEB 10th Social Science

→ The artificial supply of water for the purpose of agriculture is called irrigation.

→ The important types of irrigation in India are wells, canals and tanks.

→ Agriculture in India depends on irrigation because of the seasonal, uncertain and unevenly distributed monsoon rains.

→ India has the largest area under irrigation in the world and China ranks second.

→ The river valley projects which provide multiple benefits are called “Multipurpose river valley projects.’

→ The main aim of Multipurpose river valley projects are :

  • To provide water for irrigation
  • To generate electricity
  • To provide water for industrial and domestic purpose.

→ Some of the major multipurpose projects are :

  • Damodar Valley Project
  • Bhakra Nangal Project
  • Hirakud Project
  • Tungabhadra Project
  • Upperkrishna Project
  • Koshi Project
  • Rihand Valley Project
  • Nagarajuna Sagar Project

→ River Koshi was called the ‘Sorrow of Bihar’ and River Mahanadi was called the ‘Sorrow of Orissa’

Indian Water Resources Class 10 Notes KSEEB 10th Social Science

→ The river Brahmaputra is known as Tsang-Po in Tibet

→ The river Brahmaputra forms the world’s largest river island called ‘Majuli’

→ MANAS SAROVAR: The lake which is the source of river Brahmaputra lies in Tibet

→ GANGOTRI GLACIER: The source of river Ganges

→ Mt. KAILASH (Tibet): The source of river Indus or Sindhu river

→ SIHAWALIK RANGE: The source of river Mahanadi

→ AMARAKANTHK HILLS: The source of river Narmada

KSEEB 10th Social Science Notes

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