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Karnataka State Syllabus SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 With Answers (1st Language)

Time: 3 Hours
Max Marks: 100

I. Four alternatives are given for the following questions. Choose the correct answer and write it along with its alphabet. ( 6 × 1 = 6 )

Questions 1.
‘To pull the reluctant sun out’.
The figure of speech in the line is
A) Personification
B) Metaphor
D) Alliteration

Question 2.
You would scarcely expect her to known that, ________ .
The apprepriate question tag to be added is
A) wouldn’t you?
B) would you?
C) can you?
D) cant you?
A) wouldn’t you?

Question 3.
He laughs best who laughts last
The underlined group of word is
A) a noun clause
B) an adverb clause
C) an adjective clause
D) a main clause
C) an adjective clause

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 4.
The thief managed to ______ the police barricade
The correct phrasal verb to be filled in the blank is
A) break in
B) break through
C) break out
D) break on
B) break through

Question 5.
If you _______ yourself there is nothing in which you cannot succeed.
The correct phrasal verb to be filled in the blank is
A) trust on
B) believe in
C) bring in
D) get into
B) believe in

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 6.
The word in which the word ‘dis’ is apart of the word but not a prefix is
A) display
B) disarm
C) discern
D) dismount
A) display

II. Observe the relationship in the first pair of words and complete the second pair accordingly in the following :
( 4 × 1 = 4 )

Question 7.
Dentist: Teeth :: Dermatologist :

Question 8.
Gallant: Brave :: Stature :

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 9.
Decide : Decision : : prefer :

Question 10.
Literate : Illiterate :: perturbable :

III. Rewrite as directed: ( 3 × 1 = 3 )

Question 11.
Change the voice of sentence :
Ramu read the novel in one day
The novel was read by Ramu in one day.

Question 12.
Frame a question to get the underlined words as answer :
They will close the shop at 9 pm.
When will they close the shop?
At what time will they close the shop.

Question 13.
Change to reported speech :
He said, “We’ve been waiting for hours”.
He said that they had been waiting for hours.

IV. Answer the following questions in a sentence each : ( 4 × 1 = 4 )

Question 14.
How, according to the author, is a bottle of coke harmful to our human body?
Coke has absolutely no nutritive value, but rather a damaging effect on the digestive system and the bones of human beings.

Question 15.
Why does Jean ask Pierre to get the pie instead of taking it himself?
Joan was suspicious that Marion would identify him as she had already seen him going found the corner.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 16.
In Gandhi’s example of feeding the poor, whose actions are moral action?
A man who out of pity feeds the poor is a moral act.

Question 17.
What would the poet’s soul reveal in ‘C.L.M’?
His sense of gratitude to his mother.

V. Answer the following questions in two – three sentences each : ( 1 × 2 = 14 )

Question 18.
How has shopping become more than a need?
Shopping has become more than a need because it has now become the chief form of entertainment. It has become an obsessive compulsion on which shoppers have little control. It has become an end in itself.

Question 19.
What changes took place in the girl after the wrong man gave her the painted picture?
The girl examined the pitcher that night, after the Wrong Man gave her the Painted Pitcher. She saw new possibilities open up for her. The next morning when she went to the torrent to fill her picture her feet were not so hurried.

Question 20.
When can it be said that a particular action is moral?
A moral act must be our own act and must spring from our own will. We should not act mechanically. We should consider every act of ours as our duty. Any action should be done with the intention of doing good and without compulsion in fear of punishment. Amoral act should be free of fear and compulsion. It should be done with no self – interest behind it.

Question 21.
When and where did Meip find Anne’s diary?
A week after the Frank family had been arrested, Miep had boldly returned to the Annexe. A heap of paper lay on the floor. Miep recognized Anne’s handwriting and decided to keep the diary but not to read it. Had she read it, she would have found detailed information on the help she and other people had given the Frank family at the risk of their own lives and she might well have decided to destroy the diary for reasons of safety.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 22.
How does the neighbour carrying a stone in each hand appear to the poet?
The neighbour carrying a stone in each hand appears to the poet like an uneducated savage. He mocks his neighbour and imagines him to be a stone-age warrior. There is something hostile in the silence and attitude of the neighbour. The poet dislikes his neighbour’s thick-skinned personality.

Question 23.
Why did Capt Smollett and other consider the stockade an ideal place for them?
They soon found what was known as the stockade: a sturdy log cabin, with loopholes for muskets in its walls, protected by a perimeter fence of stout wooden paling, six-feet high. They decided this was as good a place as any to make a stand against the pirates, and hurried back to the Hispaniola for supplies.

Question 24.
What does Kama say about his loyalty to Duryodhana?
“Grandsire, I know I am Kunti’s son and not charioteer-born. But I have eaten Duryodhana’s salt and must be true to him, to be true to my own lineage. It is impossible for me to go over to the Pandavas now. You must permit me to repay with my life, if it so be, the debt I owe to Duryodhana for his love and trust”.

VI. Rewrite as directed. ( 3 × 2 = 6 )

Question 25.
Change the following sentence to a compound and complex sentence
In spite of his hard work, the boy didn’t succeed.
Compound : The boy worked hard, but he didn’t succeed.
Complex : Though the boy worked hard, he didn’t succeed.

Question 26.
Change the following sentence to the other two degrees of comparison :
Lead is the heaviest of all metals
Positive : No other metal is as heavy as lead.
Comparative : Lead is heavier than any other metal.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 27.
Combine the following sentences using neither / nor
He will not spend his money. He will not invest it.
He will neither spend his money nor invest it.

VII. Answer the following questions in 5-6 sentences each : ( 6 × 3 = 18 )

Question 28.
How does Robert Frost try to convince his neighbour that they do not need a wall? How does the neighbour respond?
The poet Robert Frost tries to convince his neighbour saying that he had only pine trees in his garden whereas the poet had an apple orchard. The poet tells the neighbour that his apple trees will never get across and eat the cones under his pine trees. However the poet points out that there are no cows to wander into his neighbour’s garden. But the neighbor responds stoically that ‘Good fences make good neighbour’s.

Question 29.
Give instances to show that the narrator tried his best to impress that he was normal sighted during his encounter with the girl.
The narrator did not reveal his handicap when he spoke to the girl. When the girl spoke of the beauty of Mussorie during October, he too spoke about it as if he was able to see it. He never said that his thoughts on the place were got from his memories.

He then described the countryside flashing by. A little later, he told the girl that she had an interesting face. All these instances show that the narrator tried his best to impress that he was normal sighted during his encounter with the girl.

Question 30.
How does Basavanna convince us through his Vachana that spiritual things are long lasting ?

  • He was poor — so could not build beautiful temples of cement and bricks like the rich,
  • Considers his body itself as the temple of God because God is housed in the soul of man.
  • All the material things — all that does not move according to the will of God — are subjected to destruction.
  • All that matters to the soul — the spiritual things — swaying according to the will of God long lasting.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 31.
What changes were noticed in the movement and attitude of the girl of the silent torrent after the man gave her the painted pitcher?
When she set out for the torrent the next day, her hurrying feet were a little less hurried. A new sense seemed to have awakened in her, a sense that seemed to have no meaning and no purpose at all.

Question 32.
Why, according to Doctor Livesay did he give the map to the pirates ?
Doctor Livesey learned that Ben Gunn had already found the treasure and taken it to his cave and later he saw that the ship too had vanished. Now that the treasure map was useless he decided to give it to the pirates and let them have the stockade where he was sure the pirates would go down with malaria and eventually die.

Question 33.
‘Bare ruined choirs, where late the sweet birds sang’ has double images.
Explain what the poet wants his friend to ‘behold’.
During the spring and summer seasons the birds make their nests on the cush green trees full of leaves. The sit on its branches and sing sweetly. These songs of the birds are similar the the choirs in the church. As winter approaches the trees start shedding leaves and the bird fly away to warm places, the birds have abandoned the tree similar to the ‘Choir’ of a ruined church. The Poet wants his friend to visualize these images and compare them with his approaching old age which compare to the bare trees and a ruined church.


Why did the girl of the silent torrent follow the wrong man out of the worker’s paradise?
The girl was impressed by art and beauty. For the first time the girl had realised that there are things to do other then continuous toil and productive work. Even if there was no meaning or purpose in art and beauty, she realised that art and beauty gave a certain joy. She saw new possibilities open – up before her. So she followed the young man to explore those possibilities.

VIII. Explain with reference to the context: ( 5 × 3 = 15 )

Question 34.
“Can you tell me – did she keep her hair long or short?”
The words “Can you tell me – did she keep her hair long or short” are extracted from the lesson “The eyes are not here”, by Ruskin Bond. The narrator asks the man who had just entered the train compartment. The narrator is curious about the girl who had just alighted from the train. He was blind and had not been able to notice her appearance.

The narrator had tried his best to conceal the fact that he was blind from the girl who had been travelling with him. When the girl got down at the station, a new passenger got into the coach. There was some commotion at the door. The narrator asked the above question to the new passenger when he started the conversation with him.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 35.
“He moves in darkness as it seems to me”.
Poem : Mending Wall
Poet : Rober Frost
Every year the poet and his neighbour repair the crumbled wall between there properties during spring. The narrator is skeptical about the need of the wall between them. But his neighbour asserts that Good fences make good neighbour’s. One year while they were mending the wall the narrator sees his neighbour bringing a stone grasped firmly by the top in each had like an old stone – age savaged armed with stone weapons.

The neighbour’s attitude about the wall makes the poet think that he is still living in the dark ages when there was a need of a wall between homes, countries and empires. The poet feels that his neighbour is not an enlightened man and still lives in darkness i.e., he is not broad – minded person.

Question 36.
“Please God, make him think I am still pretty.”
Lesson ___ The Gift of the Magi
Writer — O. Henry.

  • A small prayer whispered by Della.
  • Della cut her most precious possession — her long and beautiful hair and sold it for 21 dollars to buy a platinum fob chain for Jim’s watch because she couldn’t buy anything worthwhile as a Christmas present for Jim with one dollar and eighty seven cents that she had collected.
  • At home she repaired the ravages of her remaining hair — that made her look like a truant school boy.
  • When she heard Jim’s steps on the stair, she turned white and said this prayer.

Question 37.
“If you can cure animals, you can cure my son”.
These lines are taken from the lesson ‘Louis Pasteur Conqueror’ Pasteur had discovered the cure for anthrax disease that afflicts animals. One day in a paris, women came to him with her son. The son was covered with bites from a mad dog. She said to Pasteur ‘If you can cure animals, you can cure my son’.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 38.
“I want to see how it looks on it”.
Lesson : Gift of the Magi
Author : O. Henry
Della cuts her precious hair and sells it for twenty – one dollars to boy Jim a platinum fob chain for Jim’s heirloom watch. That evening when Jim comes home he is shocked to see that Della has cut her hair. Della consoles Jim that her hair grows fast and pleads him to forgive him. She asks Jim to give his heirloom watch to her to see how the platinum Fob chain looked on it, not knowing that Jim at sold it to buy real tortoise shell combs for her hair.

IX. Quote from memory: ( 1 x 4 = 4 )

Question 39.
And I water’d it in fears.
Night and morning with my tears.
And I sunned it with smiles
And with soft deceitful wiles.


The rich
will make temples of Shiva
what shall I
a poor man,
My legs are pillars.
My body a cupola
of gold

X. Answer the following questions in seven to eight sentences each : ( 3 × 4 = 12 )

Question 40.
How does Wordsworth describe the beauty of Nature as he rows the boat he had stolen?
In the poem “The stolen boat’ the poet William Wordsworth steals a boat tied to a willow tree within a rocky cave, at night and stealthily rows the boat over the river in the moonlight. He could hear the sound of oars echoing from the surrounding mountains.

As the boat moved on the water it left small circles of water gleaming idle under the light of the moon till all of them mingled up and dissolved giving way to one single track of glittering moon-light on the water. Far above in the sky he could see nothing but twinkling stars.

His eyes then were transfixed upon the craggy ridge that was the horizons utmost boundary. The poet compares the boat to an ‘elfin pinnace’ (fairy) which moved over the water like a swan. The horizon was bound with a huge peak which loomed black and huge. It seemed to up-rear its head and grow in stature with every stroke of the oar. He felt that the huge peak towered between him and the stars, as if it were a living being endowed with a will and a power of its own.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 41.
To Wordsworth, nature was a living presence. Pick out any five details from the poem to support this.
Wordsworth starts the poem by blaming Mother Nature for coaxing him into stealing the boat. He uses the phrase “led by her” and shows that for him Nature is a living presence. The rocky cave is described as ‘home’- a human dwelling place. When he steals the boat, mountains are said to warn him. This is an example of personification.

One more example of personification is found in the description of the lake as a silent lake. Finally, the peak that seems to follows him is said to have life, power and purpose of its own. Thus we see that, for Wordsworth, .Nature is a living presence, and it is a continuous presence.


How does the poet bring out the agony and desperation of the female crane in the poem?
The poet brings out the agony and desperation pf the female crane by describing her desperate action and grief – stricken cries. The female bird flies in circle crying desperately.

After the hunters leave the scene, she returns to the scene of death and kisses the few feathers left behind after the hunters had carried the male bird away. In her desperation she searches for signs of life in the blood – stained feathers. Her grief is so great that it’s as if nature took pity on her and carried her to her dead mate.

Question 42.
How does the uncertainty and disorganisation among the ranks of the invaders add to the humour?
There was no understanding among the fielders. There was a lot of uncertainty and disorganization. When the ball hit by the blacksmith, which had soared high up in the air, began it’s descent, all the fielders began running to get under it to catch it. They kept looking only at the ball and not at the other fielders running, not one of them appeared to be aware that any one else existed.

All ran together, crashed against each other and fell down. This confusion was compounded by the contradictory instructions given by Hodge The fact that all of the players running from their positions to catch one ball add to the humour.


Write a short note on views expressed by the writer on the tragic comedy of ‘development’. Why does he call it tragic comedy?
When we look at the development of the country, it is a very ironic situation. While pockets of private prosperity are growing, the resources of public sphere are depleting. Thus though we have an amazing variety of sleek new car models to choose from, the roads in our cities are in pretty bad shape and getting worse. Fashionable luxury resorts are mushrooming everywhere but the lung spaces like parks and playgrounds are shrinking.

It is similar story with many other services in the public domain including transportation, health care, education etc. Even the essential services are pushed into the private real so that some company or other can make profit on them. It is indeed a tragicomedy because the poor are also pushed into becoming consumers of increasingly expressive goods and utilities.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (1st Language)

XI. 43. Read the following passage , carefully and answer the questions given below : 1 x 4 = 4 (2×2)

The success of a major operation depends in large part on the intensive post operative care of the patient. Because of prolonged anesthesia and extensive surgical trauma, the patient is often in worse shape after the operation than before. The first few days after an operation are the most dangerous. During this critical period, the patient is under constant surveillance in the post – anesthetic recovery room or in an intensive care unit.

Specially trained nurses and doctors use electronic monitoring devices to detect deviations in the patient’s vital functions. The medical staff is also alert to signs of lung complications that frequently follow major surgery. Venous stenosis, or the slow – up of blood flow in the veins – a consequence of bed confinement – is prevented by exercising the patient’s limbs and varying his position in bed.

Closed circuit television cameras allow constant observation of the patient and monitoring devices linked with computers sound a warning when dangerous complications occur, but the keen senses of a skilled nurse are still required to ensure the best after care of the sick.

Questions :
A) What does the success of a major operation depend on?
The success of a Major operation depends in large parts on the intensive post – operative care of the patient.

B) How are the vital functions of the patient detected after the surgery?
Specially trained nurses and doctors use electronic monitoring devices to detect deviations in the patients vital functions.

XII. 44. Write an essay of about 18-20 sentences on any one of the following topics : ( 1 x 5 = 5 )

(a) Indian farmer today.
Indian farmers today are at the cross roads. Technology has taken huge strides reformulating the role of farmers. If farmers do not make use of technology, they would be left behind in this fast – moving world, That is why, it is of paramount importance that Indian farmers educate themselves and know how to succeed in the new world order of consumerism.

If they are educated, they can progress in the field of agriculture and contribute richly towards the economy of the nation. Even to this day, despite the progress it has made in the IT Sector, India is recognized as an agricultural economy. Hence it is of paramount importance that India values its farmers.

But unfortunately we have seen that Indian farmers are native, and hence are taken for a ride by the mediators. That is why there are many tragic cases of farmers committing suicide after being cheated by mediators who swallow a lion’s share of farmers profit margin or landlords who offer loans on high rates of interest.

It is the duty of the government to offer attractive schemes of farmers so that the nation makes progress in the field of agriculture. It is also necessary that the government educates farmers and also gives manure and farming equipment at subsidized rates.
This would mean a bright future for India.

(b) Water is Precious – Save it.
Water is the elixir of life. One can never imagine a world without water. All living beings need water to survive on this earth. No other Planet in our universe has water, according to scientists.

Yet today this precious natural resource is under the threat of being exhausted. Water has not been judiciously and sensibly used by mankind. Industrial development, growing population, unsuitable Lifestyle has put a severe pressure on this precious resource. Many countries are facing water crisis.

India has enough potential for water resources, but due to improper management of water, Many of our precious water resources are under threat. Most of our water resources are polluted and many have become unsuitable for consumption.

Saving water has been an important task for man. Water is a limited resource and without water life is not possible on earth.

Children taught to use water sensibly early in their life. Water crisis can be prevented by the use of technology and resources to conserve the existing water resources. Every water user should be made aware of that if there is no water there is no life and if there is no water than there is no future.
Water is Precious – Save it.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (1st Language)

XIII. 45.Write a letter to your friend asking him / her to attend your sister’s marriage. ( 1 x 5 = 5 )

No.23 fort Road,
Date : ……….

Dear Ramesh,
I am quite good in my health. I think you and your family members are fine.

No I am writing this letter to inform you about my sister’s marriage. My sister’s marriage falk on 25th May at Sri. Venkataramana temple, Gorur. We have invited only a few relatives and friends. The bridegroom is a teacher and he did not expect anything (dowry) from us. As I could not invite you personally, I am inviting you through this letter. I cordially invite you on the occasion of my sister’s marriage. You should be here by 20th May. Apply for leave and come as early as possible. I hope you will not disappoint me.Convey this and my regards to one and all in your house.

Yours loving friend

No. 40,
Church Road


Imagine you are Rama/Girija of Government High school, Somanahaili, Write a letter to your father narrating about your preparation for the public examination”

Govt High school

Dear father,
I got your letter and the money that you sent last week. I am too much busy nowadays. My public examination is coming soon. The exam starts from next month. The exam schedule is already set. Mathematics is on the first day. I have been preparing for the exam. I have collected many sets of old question papers and i have been practicing well. I am preparing all the subjects equally.

I am studying six hours a day and go to play only hour per day. I am making more efforts on Science and Maths. We are getting two days leave from school for the preparation of exam. I have made notes for all subjects. I am sure that I would get distinction in the exam.

After the exams I will write again. Please don’t worry about my studies and myself.

Yours loving daughter,

Mr. Shankar
No. 50, I main, II cross
J. P. Nagar,

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