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Karnataka State Syllabus SSLC English Previous year Question Paper March 2019 (2nd Language)

Time: 2 Hrs. 30 min
Max Marks: 80


I. Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions / incomplete • statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the correct alternative and write the. complete answer along with its letter of alphabet. (3 × 1 = 3)

Question 1.
When Americans and Don Anselmo met at the day of the sale, there was a great deal of conversation about
(A) mountains
(B) rain and his family
(C) children
(D) trees.
(B) rain and his family

Question 2.
A daring thought that Smita had, when she was sitting in the park was
(A) to take Anant to the concert.
(B) to attend the concert and enjoy the programme.
(C) to invite Pandit Ravishankar to her house.
(D) to speak with doctors about taking Anant to the concert.
(C) to invite Pandit Ravishankar to her house.

Question 3.
Keilis Borok was doing research in the area of
(A) seismic waves – tremors.
(B) ocean currents.
(C) explosives.
(D) floods.
(A) seismic waves – tremors.

Karnataka SSLC English Previous year Question Paper March (2019) (2nd Language)

II. Answer the following questions in 2 – 3 sentences mch : (4 × 2 = 8)

Question 4.
“Don Anselmo was passionate about his land and the children of Rio-en-Medio”. Justify this statement.
Don Anselmo was very much passionate about his land and the children. His land had come from his ancestors. He lived in that land from his birth. He took possession of his house from his mother. Everyone in the village were his relatives and the children are his nieces, nephews and grand children. Every time a child has been born in Rio en Medio, a tree was planted in its name.

Question 5.
“Pepe was the only person who was loyal to Columbus till the end of his voyage”. Justify your answer.
Pepe was a young page boy. He was an honest and humble in nature. He liked Columbus and prefered to accompany him though he was off duty. The seamen were very much angry and disobeyed Columbus’s order so Pepe didn’t speak to them and hated them. Among them Don Pedro was the best.

Pepe talked to Columbus so he said that the seamen were horrible and drank too much to forget themselves. Pepe came nearer to Columbus and said that, “Captain, you should be careful, sometimes they are dangerous’. This shows that Pepe had concern about his captain.

Columbus asked him to go, but Pepe didn’t go. When Columbus forced Pepe to say the words about the mischief or trouble maker, he hesitated to say the truth to prevent terrible consequence. At the end he came in – between and stands with arms spread out. He shouted to seamen, they were all cowards, first they would have killed him.

The crowd roared and attacked Pepe but Columbus came forward and protected Pepe. All these shows that Pepe was more loyal to Columbus than any other crew members.

Question 6.
Why did the seamen want to go back to ‘ Spain?
The seamen wanted to go back to Spain, their homeland because they left their home for a long time before and there were some limits to Patience. Most of the seamen were desperate and they had no patience. They thought that going to discover the new land was waste of time.

Question 7.
According to Keilis Borok “Science is an exciting adventure”. Explain.
According to Keilis Borok, being a scientist is more exciting than being a doctor or an engineer because a scientist gets freedom, camaraderie and independence in doing then work. Then honours and promotions depends on hard work. The discovery is a reward in itself.

Karnataka SSLC English Previous year Question Paper March (2019) (2nd Language)

III. Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow : (3 × 3 = 9)

Question 8.
“Please help me take her to a hospital”. But no one stopped.

(a) Who is the speaker ?
Baleshwar is the speaker.

(b) Who does ‘her’ refer to ?
‘Her’ refers to Roma Talreja.

(c) Why didn’t they stop ?
They didn’t stop because they did not bother or were too busy to help.

Question 9.
“The chance of a lifetime”, he was saying.

(a) Who does ‘he’ refer to ?
‘He’ refers to Anant.

(b) What was the chance of a lifetime for him?
‘Pandit Ravishankar’s Concert was the chance of a lifetime for him.

(c) Why was he feeling so ?
He was feeling so because he was suffering from Cancer and his end is not so far.

Question 10.
“They brought about a veritable revolution in social thought”.

(a) Who does ‘they’ refer to?
‘They’ refer to Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

(b) What revolution is referred to here?
To repudiate caste and to proclaim the oneness of the Hindu Community.

(c) How did they bring about the revolution?
Gandhiji reminding the duty of higher Castes to depressed classes and Ambedkar reminding the innate rights to equality. Like this both of them brought a veritable revolution in Social thought.

Karnataka SSLC English Previous year Question Paper March (2019) (2nd Language)

IV. Answer the following question in about 8-10 sentences: (4)

Question 11.
How was Swami successful in fulfilling the intention of his father to prove his courage ?
Father wanted Swami to sleep alone in the office-room to prove courage is everything. According to Swami, age and strength was more important in adventurous tasks. But in Swami’s father’s view, the strength and age were not so important, courage is all. To prove Swami had courage, he should sleep alone in the office-room.

Finally Swami requested him to leave the office-room door open. Father agreed and Swami went into the room. He was afraid of darkness and loneliness. At midnight he saw. something was moving, he felt that his end had come. He assumed that the devil would pull him and tear him.

So why should he wait? As it came nearer, he crawled out from the bench, hugged it and used his teeth like a mortal weapon. This shows that at the time of emergency, he used < his courage. By this act he helped to catch the notorious burglar. So we can justify that Swami was successful in fulfilling the intention of his father to prove his courage.


In spite of his disability, Satish was able to succeed in his life. Justify.
In spite of his disability Satish was fond of painting. He remained in his silent world. The only comfort in his life was painting. Though his father was opposed, but he managed to paint and draw. At last his father accepted his son’s talent and wish to become an artist Satish Gujral. Satish had a very good skill in painting.

He did his painting with devoted and dedicated interest. He got much pleasure in painting. One day though Satish knew his father was not pleased with his painting pastime, he was immersed and busy in painting. By seeing all these, his father’s attitude was completely changed and accepted his, son’s talent and encouraged him to be a good artist.


V. Choose the most appropriate alternative and write the complete answer with the letter of alphabet in the answer-book; (1)

Question 12.
The quality of the speaker highlighted with the repetition of the word “I wait” in the poem “I am the land” is
(A) disgust
(B) annoyance
(C) patience
(D) honesty.
(C) patience

VI. Answer the following questions in 2 – 3 sentences each. (2 × 2 = 4)

Question 13.
Why does the poet V. K. Gokak call the temples as “epics in stone” ?
Epics are long poems or story about heroic, deeds. In India most of the ancient temples are built with stones- and have carvings of many historical or mythological stories on the walls or on the pillars. So the poet called the temples as ‘Epics in stone”.

Question 14.
The speaker says that “Calendars and clocks are useless in space”. What might have been the reason for his opinion ?
The speaker says this statement because in space there is no work, no day and night or seasons. Totally there was no change in atmosphere, so there was no need of calender or clock.

Karnataka SSLC English Previous year Question Paper March (2019) (2nd Language)

VII. Read the given extract and answer the questions that follow: (3 × 1 = 3)

Question 15.
“Isn’t God upon the ocean
Just the same as on the land?”

a. Who is the speaker here?
The Captains little innocent daughter said this, she was the speaker.

b. Why does the speaker say the above . words?
The ship was caught in the violent storm at midnight. All were frightened. At this situation she said this.

c. How does the statement have an impact on others?
On hearing the innocent words of the little maiden, the crew mates got some hope. The sudden changes occured in their heart. The sailors anchored the ship safely in harbour, the next morning.

VIII. Quote from memory : (4)

Question 16.
The quality of mercy is not strain’d;
It droppeth as the gentle ram from heaven
Upon the place beneath, It is twice blest;
It blesseth him that gives, and him that takes.


You talk of wondrous things you see.
You say the sun shines bright;
I feel him warm, but how can he
Or make it day or night ?

IX. Answer the following question in 8 to 10 sentence : (4)

Question 17.
Ruskin Bond’s grandmother had an unusual habit of climbing trees. How was she successful in fulfilling her desire to live in a tree house ?
The poet called his grandma genius because she could climb a tree even in her old age. The tree may be high or spreading. She would have to climb it. Even at the age of 62 she climbed trees. She is fond of climbing a tree since her childhood. She had this gift and was enjoying a lot. She had more pleasure on a tree than any other things.

After the great and terrible fall, she completely behaved in a different way. Instead of fear, she upheld her right to reside in a tree. After recovery from the fall she ordered her son to make a house on the tree top. Her obedient son with the help of her grandson made a house on the tree for her. After that she lived in that house, like this she upheld her right.


Describe the two faces of Jazz player as a pathetic figure and a commanding artist.
The old Jazz musician had no interest or enthusiasm in the life. He had a Pathetic figure but was commanding artist. He had the power to make people listen. This was a gift. He was silent in speech but eloquent in music. His physical appearance does not match his talent. His head was turned downward, he closed his eyes.

He wore an old faded blue shirt. That shirt was dark with sweat, the tie was torn. The jacket was old and it would not hold his sagging (hanging) Stomach. He wore the old shoes which had papers inside. His face was not shaved. One could see the pain in each wrinkle of his face. He alone stood with his head down and eyes closed.

Though he had a pitiable physical appearance, he was very good at expressing his thoughts through music. His music was enchanting and people would enjoy the music of his saxophone. So his physical appearance does not match his talent.

Karnataka SSLC English Previous year Question Paper March (2019) (2nd Language)

Supplementary Reading

X. Answer the following questions in 3 – 4 sentences each: (2 × 2 = 4)

Question 18.
How did the student leaders manage the protest ?
The police expected that there will be the protest against British. So many people including a teacher was arrested. The angry people might destroy the public property. The revolting people could do anything and distrub the peace of the people. But the intention of the students leaders was completely different.

They planned to do more things and give more trouble to police officers. If they get arrested easily, it was of no use? They had to awaken the people by distributing the copies of Mahatma’s speech., etc. So they managed their march so silently and showed their protest against British rule non – violently.


Taking up mountaineering was not a difficult decision for Dicky Dolma. Justify.
Taking up mountaineering was not a difficult decision for Dicky Dolma because from her childhood days she had an urge to climb Mount Everest. Daily she watched the beautiful, breath taking view of the mountain. She had firm determination, and hard work helped her. She practiced 4 hours a day.

She had one track mind and ready to face hardships. Her desire grew when she came to know about the newly opened mountaineering institute in Manali. She was just 16 years at that time. She joined the institute and got ‘A’ grade and selected at all India level. She worked hard and succeeded in her task. Like this she reached the top of Mount Everest.

Question 19.
How does the writer describe the ‘introvert’ Hanif ?
The writer described Hanif as an introvert in his younger age. He began to make friends only by the time, he was 14 years old. He always stood first to help others because it gave thrill to him.


What changes came over Wangjia as the “Bird of Happiness” caressed him?
When the Bird of Happiness caressed Wangjia gently with its wings and sang for him. The eyeballs came back and he got the vision which was more brighter than before. All his wounds disappeared and he got strength.


XI. Combine the word in Column-A with its collocation word in Column-B:

Question 20.
Karnataka SSLC English Previous year Question Paper March 2019 (2nd Language) 1
Strange look.

Question 21.
Which one of the following words has only two syllables ? (1)
attitude, table, temperature, friend.

Question 22.
Give one word for : (1)
One who is trained in doing acts of public service.

Question 23.
Fill in the blanks choosing the appropriate words given in brackets : (1)
It was easy to contact you because I knew your new address.
(new, knew)

Karnataka SSLC English Previous year Question Paper March (2019) (2nd Language)


XII. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow : (4 × 1 = 4)

It is an admitted fact that union or co-operation is strength; disunity is weakness. A united family, a united community, a united society, a united nation is strong; but those who are disunited or split up into fractions or groups, are all weak. Take the case, of a football or hockey team.

If the members of the team play together and co-operate with one another, they will form a “strong team”. But if each member plays his own game, they will surely be defeated, however strong the individual players may be. The same is true of an army. To win a battle an army must work as one man.

Napoleon’s motto was, “Divide and Conquer”. He tried to split up the armies fighting against him. Then he would overcome them one by one. Divided they were weak. “United we stand ; divided we fall”. Questions :

Question 24.
What was the admitted fact about strength and weakness ?
The admitted fact about strength and weakness is Union or Co-operation is strength ; disunity is weakness.

Question 25.
How can the football or hockey team be defeated ?
In the football or hockey team if each member plays his own game, they will surely be defeated.

Question 26.
How can an army win the battle ?
If an army can win the battle that army must work as one man.

Question 27.
What was the secret of Napoleon’s motto “Divide and Conquer”?

XIII. Rearrange the jumbled words into a meaningful sentence : (1)

Question 28.
lovely / how / flowers / these / are !
How lovely these flowers are !

Read the following conversation and answer the questions that follow : (2 x 1 = 2)

Rithvek : Hello sir,
Postmaster :Yes, what can I do for you?
Rithvek : I want to send a parcel to Kashmir. May I know about the parcel charges ?
Postmaster : of course, your parce charges will be Rs. 450/-
Rithvek : Oh ! sir, I think it’s too costly.
Postmaster : It depends on the weight of the parcel and Kash mir is too far from Banga¬lore.
Rithvek : Ok. Sir, please take the . amount and parcel it.

Question 29.
Why did Rithvek visit the post office ?
Rithvik visited the post-office to send a parcel to Kashmir.

Question 30.
What reason did the postmaser give for Rithvek’s opininon on parcel charge ?
The parcel charges depends on the weight of the parcel and distance of the place.

Karnataka SSLC English Previous year Question Paper March (2019) (2nd Language)

Question 31.
Look at the two pictures. Write a sentence using ‘bigger than’ based on what you see:
Karnataka SSLC English Previous year Question Paper March 2019 (2nd Language) 2
Bag ‘A’ is bigger than Bag B


XIV. Given below is a profile of Vijendra Singh. Write a paragraph using the same: (4)

Question 32.
Birth : October 29, 1985
Place : Haryana
Imterest : Boxing
Practising Club : Bhiwani Boxing Club
Participation : 2004 Athens Summer Olympics, 2006. Common wealth Games 2006. Asian Games.
Achievements: Won the first Bronze medal in 2008 Beijing Olympics
Awards : 2009 Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award.
Vijendra Singh was born on 29th October 1985 at Haryana. His interest was Boxing. He was practising in Bhiwani Boxing club. He was participated in the 2014 Athens Summer Olympics, 2006 Commonwealth games and 2006 Asian Games. He won has first Bronze medal in 2008 Beijing Olympics, and he got 2009 Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award.


Write a paragraph, using the clues given below. You may add some more points if necessary :

In a distant village – farmer – a magical hen – one golden egg – everyday – the richest man – He thought – lazy hen – greedy and impatient – thought of an idea – take out all the eggs – big knife – cut her stomach – no eggs – hen died – moral.
In a distant village a farmer was living with his family. They had a magical hen. Magical Hen means it lays one golden egg everyday. After sometime farmer became the richest man of the village. He thought that his hen was lazy because it laid only one golden egg everyday.

He was greedy and impatient and thought of an idea. If he cut his hen’s stomach, and take out all the eggs at a time he will become very rich. So he brought a big knife and cut his hen’s stomach, but he found nothing. There were no eggs at all. The hen died.

Moral of the Story : Don’t be greedy, have patience, or hurry makes worry.

Question 33.
Imagine that you are Preetham / Preethi, studying in Xtii Std. Government High School, Tumakuru.
Write a letter to the Forest Officer, to provide 100 saplings to celebrate the “Environmental Day” on June 5th under eco-club activities in your school.

28th may 2019

Preetham / Preethi,
X Std,
Govt. High School,

The Forest Officer,
Forest department,

Respected Sir,
Sub : Need of 100 Saplings.
I am the secretary of Eco-club of our school. This year our club has decided to celebrate ‘Environmental Day’ on 5th June. So we need 100 saplings to plant in our school garden. Many celebrities will come to plant the saplings. Please provide 100 very good saplings and encourage us:

I hope you will consider bur request.
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Preetham / Preethi.

Karnataka SSLC English Previous year Question Paper March (2019) (2nd Language)


Write a letter to your friend about “Children’s Day” in your school.

28th November 2019

My dear friend Raju,
I am very happy to write to you. I am fine, How are you ? How are your family members, I think they are also fine.

This year we celebrated “Children’s Day” in our school. The function was a grand success. Many delegates and officials attended the function and gave inspirational speech. The cultural activities were more interesting. All participants were happy. I was also happy. Whenever you feel free Please write to me.
Convey my best regards to one and all.

Yours sincerely

S/O Mr. Kamalesh,
No. 363, VI cross,
M. G. Road,
Tumukur Dist.

XV. The following paragaraph has two errors. Edit the paragraph and rewrite it in the answer-book. Clues are given.  (2)

Question 34.
A poor woodcutter was cutting a big peace of wood near a wide river.
Sudden his old axe slipped from his hand and fell into the deep water.

Clues :
(a) Spelling mistake to be corrected.
(b) Adverbial mistake to be corrected.

A poor woodcutter was cutting a big piece of wood near a wide river. Suddenly his old axe slipped from his hand and fell into the deep water.

XVI. Read the given conversation and choose the language function of the underlined sentence : (1)

Question 35.
Mother : Hello my dear child, why are you looking sad to day?
Adithya : Yes mother, I am a bit upset as I got II nd place in running race.
Mother : Oh ! Is it ? Come on my boy, it’s a happy thing that you won IInd place. Practice well, you . will do better next time.
(A) Advice
(B) Order
(C) Request
(D) Obey.
Practice well, you will do better next time.
(A) Advice.

Question 36.
Read the conversation and identify the infinitive : (1)
Teacher : Hello students, get ready for
drawing and colouring competition tomorrow.
Raghav : Oh ! nice sir.
Raki : Are there any prizes for that sir?
Teacher : Yes, sure, there will be three prizes. Don’t forget to bring colours and other necessary things.
(A) ready
(B) to bring
(C) sure
(D) will.
(B) to bring

Karnataka SSLC English Previous year Question Paper March (2019) (2nd Language)

Question 37.
Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition and article : 2 × 1/2 = 1

Ritila went to market to buy some vegetables. But the market was so crowded, she returned without buying anything.

Question 38.
He was intelligent and honest,……… (1)
The question tag to be used for the above sentence is
(A) was he ?
(B) wasri’t he ?
(C) is he ?
(D) isn’t he ?
Ans :
He was intelligent and honest, wasn’t he?

Question 39.
Fill in the blanks using the suitable linking words given in brackets : (2 × 1/2 = 1)

Jesus took the blind man to a quiet place away from the crowd and gently touched his eyes, but he could only see few movements. (when, but, or, and)
Ans :
and, but

Question 40.
Read the conversation and in the blank with correct ‘If clause’ choosing from the given alternatives : (1)
Ravi : Hi, Sanju, How are you ?
Sanju : Fine, thank you.
Ravi : What is your percentage in II PUC?
Sanju : I got only’56%
Ravi : Is it ! I expected more.
Sanju : If I had studied hard I scored
more marks.
Ravi : It’s OK. Don’t worry, concentrate more on further studies.
(A) would have
(B) will have
(C) might
(D) would.
(A) Would have

Question 41.
Fill in the blanks with the appropriate tense forms of the verbs given in brackets: (2 x 1 = 2)
Anushka is a software engineer. She completed (complete) her BE in IIT Chennai. Now she is working (be + work) in Infosys.

Question 42.
Read the conversation and rewrite the underlined sentences into Reported speech: (2)
Ayesha : How are you Salma?
Salma : I’m fine, thank you.
Ayesha : Did you see the film ‘Takur’?
Salma : No, but I’m planning to see the film on Sunday.
Ayesha : It’s fantastic. Don’t miss it.
Salma : O. K.
Ayesha asked Salma if …………………………………………………………….. Salma replied that …………………………………….
Ayesha asked Salma if she had seen the film ‘Takur’ Salma replied in the negative but added that she was planning to see the film on Sunday. Reference Skill

Karnataka SSLC English Previous year Question Paper March (2019) (2nd Language)

XVII. Arrange the following words in the order in which they are found in dictonary: (4 × 1/2 = 2)

Question 43.
orian, organic, original, orient.
Ans :

  • organic
  • orient
  • original
  • orion

Question 44.
Decode the SMS into a sentence : (1)
r u hpy wt d result ?
Are you happy with the result ?

Question 45.
Which reference material would you refer to find out the information on floods? (1)
Atlas, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia.

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