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Nobleness Enkindleth Nobleness Poem Questions and Answers, Notes, Summary

The topics covered in Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board Class 9 Solutions for English Chapter 6 Nobleness Enkindleth Nobleness. The KSEEB Solutions Class 9 English Solutions Chapter 6 Nobleness Enkindleth Nobleness Question and Answers are prepared according to the latest edition.The Chapterwise page will help the students to revise the syllabus during the exams.

Before you read

The following are a few words related to being kind or sympathetic to somebody. Find the meaning of these words from a dictionary.
Pity = feel for
console = grieve
amnesty = forgiveness
mercy = kindness
parden = excuse
solace = give comfort,
forgive = excuse
grant = sanction
compassion = pity
lament = sarrow
retrieve = give relief
asylum = institution.

I. Understand the poem.

Question 1.
Who came to Yussoufs tent one night?
A stranger came to Yussoufs tent.

Question 2.
What did he say?
He said to him that he was an outcast and was chased by enemies. He requested him to provide him shelter.

Question 3.
Did he go to the tent for food and shelter?
Yes, he had gone to the tent for food and shelter.

Question 4.
Was Yussouf called “The Good”?
Yes, Yussouf was called ‘The Good’ by all the tribes.

Question 5.
Was Yussouf kind to the stranger?
Yes. He was very Jcind to the stranger.

Question 6.
Did Yussouf believe in God?
He believed in God.

Question 7.
What did Yussouf say waking up the stranger?
Waking up the stranger Yussouf said “Here is some Gold, my swiftest horse is saddled for thy flight, depart before the prying day grow bold”.

Question 8.
What made the stranger’s face look grand?
The kindness shown by Yussouf (the inward light) made the stranger’s face grand.

Question 9.
Who killed Yussouf s son?
The stranger by name Ibrahim?

Question 10.
Did Yussouf get angry?
No. He was not angry with the stranger.

Question 11.
What did Yussouf say to Ibrahim?
Yussouf said to Ibrahim “Take thrice the gold, for with thee into the desert, never to return, My one black thought shall ride away from me”.

Question 12.
Who did Yussouf yearn for day and night?
He longed for God and Nobleness. Earlier the thought of revenge had burnt in his heart day and night.

II. Read and appreciate it.

Question 1.
How has the poet described the stranger?
The poet has described the stranger as an outcast. He was followed by his enemies. When Yussouf gave him what he wanted, the stranger was overwhelmed by the kindness and confessed that he killed his son. In spite of this, Yussouf helped him to flee.

Question 2.
Pick out the lines which show Yussouf s respect for God.
“It is God’s: come in, and be at peace our tents. His glorious roof of night and day Balance and just are all of God’, decrees.”

Question 3.
Explain: “As one lamp lights another, nor grows less, So nobleness enkindleth nobleness.”
Yussouf offers his home to a complete stranger. He also offers the stranger a horse and some gold. The stranger is overwhelmed by this kindness and admits that he had killed Yussouf’s son. Yussouf’s kindness changed Ibrahim into a kind man. The statement (maxim) “As one lamp lights another, nor grows less, So nobleness enkindleth nobleness” is acceptable throughout the ages.

Question 4.
Which line gives the idea that God is impartial?
“Balanced and just are all of God’s decree’s is the line.

Question 5.
What message does the poet give us through this poem?
The qualities of kindness and generosity in one, lead to happiness in life. Kindness and generosity clienge even the cruellest one into a noble and kind-hearted man. This is the message the poet gives us through this poem.

Question 6.
Which line do you like the most, and why?
“As one lamp lights another, nor grows less. So nobleness enkindleth nobleness” We like the above lines because kindness is like a lamp which gives light and removes the ignorance from the mind of store hearted person. The light dispels the darkness.

III. Complete the summary of the poem by filling the blanks. Choose the words from those given in brackets.

On a pleasant and quiet night, a desperate stranger goes to the tent of Yussouf. He begs shelter to protect him from the enemies who were after him Yussouf readily grates what he wants. He entertains the guest that night and before the sun rises, he wakes him up and tells him to flee with his swiftest horse and some gold. The guest’s heart moves and makes him confess that he had killed Yussoufs, son. But to his surprise, Yussouf gives him thrice the gold and tells him to go away before the enemy catches him.
(confess, gold, Yussouf, stranger, horse, entertains, enemies, catches, shelter)

Nobleness Enkindleth Nobleness Additional Questions and Answers

I. Choose the correct answer.

Question 1.
Yussouf believes that everything belongs to:
(a) himself
(b) stranger
(c) enemies
(d) God.
(d) God.

Question 2.
Yussouf and Ibrahim correspond to these characters from the Christian Bible:
(a) Peter and Mohammad
(b) John and Ali
(c) Joseph and Abraham
(d) Edward and Syed.
(c) Joseph and Abraham.

Answer the following questions:

Question 1.
Who is the author of the poem ‘Nobleness Enkindleth Nobleness’?
James Russell Lowell.

Question 3.
Write the rhyming words used in the poem.

  • tent – bent
  • food – good
  • peace – these
  • night – flight
  • grows less – nobleness
  • low – so
  • thee – mc
  • decrees – peace.
  • dread – head
  • more – store
  • day – nay
  • gold – bold
  • grand – hand
  • done – son
  • return – yearn

Nobleness Enkindleth Nobleness Poem Summary in English

Yussouf and Ibrahim correspond to the characters from the Christian Bible as Joseph and Abraham. Both are important characters in the Bible as well as Quran.

One Night, an outcast came to the Yussouf s tent seeking shelter and food. This outcast was a stranger and he begged Yussouf to practice him from the chasing enemies.

Yussouf was all merciful. He promised his help. He gave the stranger whatever he wanted. He told the stranger that he was free to take anything from his store.

Yussouf entertained the stranger. He woke up the stranger early in the morning and gave him money and his swiftest horse so that he (the stranger) might flee from his pursuers. While harshness would only have hardened, this unlooked – for kindness completely overwhelmed him and changed his nature. A something of the grandeur of soul of his host (stronger) entered the breast of the guest (stranger) and sobbing on the sheik’s hands, the stranger burst forth; “All this thou hast done to that Ibrahim that slew thy son.”

Yussouf was not angry with the stranger, instead he gave him thrice the amount of gold and told him to escape the black though of revenge that had burnt in his heart day and night is gone. His son is avenged in the coals fire that had been thus poured on the head of the guilty man.

The poem emphasizes the qualities of kindness and generosity which lead us to happiness in life the poet sums up the central idea of his poem in the following lines;

“As one lamp light another, nor grow less, so nobleness enkindleth nobleness”. Everything believes to God and certainly not to individuals is the idea.

Nobleness Enkindleth Nobleness Poem Summary in Kannada

Nobleness Enkindleth Nobleness Poem Summary in Kannada 1
Nobleness Enkindleth Nobleness Poem Summary in Kannada 2

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