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Karnataka State Board Class 5 English Poem Chapter 3 Tamarind

Tamarind Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes


C1. Answer the following questions in two or three sentences each:

Question 1.
What does the tree give each year?
Tree gives fruit and shade, and drew the poet back, every year.

Question 2.
Where does the poet love to sit?
She loved to sit under the shade and take rest for a while gazing at the blue hills.

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Question 3.
Did the poet find the tree after coming back? Why?
She could not find the tree. The tree had been cut.

Question 4.
What does the poet do seeing an empty hole?
The poet is quite shocked to find out that the tree has been cut. Then poet saw the distant hills with tears. Long ago there was a tall tree standing there but now there is only an empty hole.

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activity :

A1. Take a walk around your school and home and find out the names of the trees that you see.
Coconut tree
Palm tree
Mango tree
Guava tree
Eucalyptus tree
Banian tree
Peepul tree
Neem tree Plantain tree
Portia tree

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Tamarind Summary In English

Tamarind Summary In English 1

The poem ‘Tamarind’ is written by an Anonymous (unknown) Poet. The poem describes the poet’s love for a Tamarind Tree and the sorrow she felt after the tree had been cut down. The poet says that only she and no one else knows where her Tamarind tree stood. It stood by a winding lane. (Now the tree had been cut down)

She fondly remembers that the Tamarind Tree gave fruit and shade every year. Even after she married and left the village, she came back, each year, to collect the fruit. The tree drew her back to her father’s house every year. The poet remembers that she used to love sitting beneath the trees shady branches and rest for a while. She used to sit under the tree and gaze out upon the distant blue hills. She would then feel happy and would laugh and smile.

Tamarind Summary In English 2

That year, she visits the village again and eagerly runs down to her favorite spot under the Tamarind Tree. But she is unable to find her favorite spot even after searching for a long time, then she suddenly stops and realizes that the magnificent tree, which she loved with her heart, all through her life had been cut down. She now doesn’t know what to do the looks towards the blue hills with eyes filled with tears. She feels like she has surely lost her soul. She now realizes that her favorite spot where once the Tamarind Tree stood was now a mere empty hole.

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Tamarind Summary In Kannada

Tamarind Summary In Kannada 1
Tamarind Summary In Kannada 2
Tamarind Summary In Kannada 3

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