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Karnataka State Board Class 5 EVS Chapter 10 Shelter

Class 5 EVS Shelter Text Book Questions and Answers

Question 1.
True or False Statements:

  1. More families live together in the community houses – True
  2. Government provide housing facilities for the poor families by constructing community houses in village & cities – True
  3. They are constructed to provide systematic basic facilities for more population over limited areas – False
  4. Houses in multi stored buildings are constructed suitable for the residence of a single-family – True.

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Question 2.
What is a shelter?
A shelter is a place that protects and provides safety for any living organism which live there.

Question 3.
What is a home? mention any four benefits of home to man.
A home is a house where a family lives. Benefits of home to man.

  • A house protects us from bad weather, extreme cold, heat, rain or wind.
  • It gives us safe a shelter with physical and psychological security.
  • Good relationship develops between them
  • Learn a civilised life.

Question 4.
How are pukka houses better than kuchha houses?
We see houses made of bricks, cement, and steel. Such houses are strong and are called pukka houses. Most people live in huts. Huts are usually made up of mud, straw, bamboo and palm or coconut leaves. They are called Kuchha houses.

Question 5.
Write any five features of a good house.
Features of a good house:

  • Should be clean and airy. The hall (living room) and all the rooms should have ventilation.
  • Should have different or separate places for different purposes like cooking, eating sleeping, bathing, resting, studying and storage. However, if the house is very small the same single room could be used for many purposes.
  • Should have thick walls for safety and high roof to keep interior cool.
  • Should have a proper home drainage system for regular disposal of domestic waste into the main drainage system.
  • The sanitary system in the house should be good.
  • There should be proper water supply and storage system for continuous availability of good water.

Question 6.
What is the need of clothing for man?
Clothing is necessary for protection from heat, cold, rain etc., and also for a decent living in a civic society.

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Question 7.
What are the two type of natural fibres? Give two examples for each.
The two types of natural fibres:

  1. Plant fibres
    Example: Cotton, Jute and Linen
  2. Animal fibres
    Example: Silk and Wool.

Question 8.
What are synthetic fibres?
They are man-made, artificially obtained . from petroleum products using chemical processes.

Class 5 EVS Shelter Additional Questions and Answers

I. Fill in the blanks:

  1. The shelter of modem man is a house.
  2. An Igloo is a small house constructed using ice.
  3. People living with ice and snow region are called Eskimos.
  4. Houses in hilly areas are made of bamboo and wood.
  5. Houses have a rainwater harvesting system to collect store rainwater.

II. Match the regions/areas given in column ‘A’ with the tyes of houses given in column ‘B’:

1. Polar regions
2. Deserts
3. Earthquake
4. flooded areas
5. Rainy places
a. Stilt houses
b. Slopping roofs
c. Igloos Prone regions
d. Houses with mud walls
e. Wooden houses
f. Tents.


  1. c
  2. f
  3. e
  4. a
  5. b

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