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Karnataka State Board Class 5 English Prose Chapter 3 The Grateful Tenant

The Grateful Tenant Test Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes


I. Answer the following questions in two or three sentences each.

Question 1.
Why did Ramesh name his home ‘ShyamkamaP?
To show his gratitude towards Shyama

Rao and Kamalabai, he had given his house the name ‘SHYAMKAMAL’.

Question 2.
Whom did Ramesh stay with when he was in Dharwad?
Ramesh stayed with an old couple Shyama Rao and Kamala.

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Question 3.
Was Kamala Bai selfish?
No, she is not a selfish.

Question 4.
How did Shyama Rao help Ramesh? Shyama Rao did not let Ramesh go hungry
for a single day and treated him like his own son. If Ramesh was late in paying his college fees, they would spare some money from their pension and help him out.

Question 5.
Why did Ramesh’s friends call him the couple’s man Friday?
Ramesh’s friends called him ‘the Couple ’Man Friday’ because he used to run errands for them and do odd jobs like going to the post office, buying fruit and vegetables, watering the plants and pumping the water out of the tank.

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Question 6.
What kind of person, you think, was Ramesh?
Ramesh is a grateful and thankful person.

Question 7.
Describe Kamala Bai and Shyama Rao.
Shyama Rao was a retired postmaster and my father’s friend. He gave me a place to stay in. Kamala Bai was so selfless that she would share her meals with me. I enjoyed the meals so much and felt like I was having these meals with my mother. As Dharwad was very famous for the Peda, Mr. Shyama Rao always brought pedals. They did not let me go hungry for a single day and treated me like their son. If I was late in paying my college fees, he would lend some money from Ills meager pension and help me out.

Question 8.
How can you make old people happy?
I could help old people by satisfying their needs. Going to shop, post office.

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Language Exercise


I. Match the following words in list A’ with their opposites in list ‘B

i. Remember a) selfish
ii. Selfless b) forget
iii. Agree c) early
iv. Success d) disagree
v. Grateful e) thankless
vi. Late f) failure
g) Unkind

1-b, 2-a, 3-d, 4-f, 5-e, 6-c

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II. Use the following words in sentences, first as action words (verb) and then as naming words (noun);

KSEEB Solutions for Class 5 English Prose Chapter 3 The Grateful Tenant 3

Obadiah changed his cap
People had seen a great change in him

My friend shares his food with me every day.
My father got his share in his father’s property.

My mother loves me a lot
Mv mother shows love to me

Name :
We named our son Haddy.
My son’s name is Haddy

Question :
Students question teacher
Our class teacher gives a question
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III. Look at the words given in the balloons above. Join each one of them with the word 4out % Write the newly formed words against their meanings given below:

  • Out lav : money spent on something
  • Out line : line showing the shape of something
  • Out – post : something that exists outside the main
  • Outfit : set of things especially clothes for a particular purpose.
  • Out law : declare someone an outsider or expelled.
  • Out let : way out for liquid or gas.
  • Outlook : views or perception
  • Layout : a group of people or settlement far from the main group of settlement
  • Out skirts : outer areas or limits of a town.
  • Out house : small building near a larger main building.

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IV. Substitute the sentences with one word, using the words given in the box below.

  1. Short account of an amusing or interesting event
  2. One who has no money
  3. Name shared by all the members of the family.
  4. A laudatory speech or written tribute, especially praising someone who has died; high praise or commendation; praise, Proclamation.
  5. A quality that means greatness of heart.

KSEEB Solutions for Class 5 English Prose Chapter 3 The Grateful Tenant 4

  1. anecdote
  2. pauper
  3. surname
  4. eulogy
  5. generosity.

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I. Now identify the action words in the following sentences.

  1. They sing well
  2. We play in the evening
  3. He works in a hospital
  4. Our parents guide us in our work
  5. Dog jumped into the well
  6. Cow eats grass
  7. They attended a meeting yesterday
  8. Ramu walked to the school
  9. She painted all the pictures
  10. They danced together

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The Grateful Tenant Summary In English

KSEEB Solutions for Class 5 English Prose Chapter 3 The Grateful Tenant 1

The lesson ‘The greatefultenant’ is written by SUDHA MURTHY. She describes a grateful tenant, Ramesh who had named his house ‘ShyamkamaP, which is the combination of the names of two people Shyama Rao and Kamala. when he was staying in Dharwad as tenant their. They did not treat him like a tenant but as their own child. Ramesh with them for six years. The old couple used to take care of him when he was studying at college. They shared their meals with him. And even they would even lend some money from their meager pension and help him pay his college fees. Their love and generosity changed the life of Ramesh. To show his gratitude, he named his house ‘SHYAMKAMAL’. People like Ramesh reaffirm our faith in humanity.

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The Grateful Tenant Summary In Kannada

KSEEB Solutions for Class 5 English Prose Chapter 3 The Grateful Tenant 5

KSEEB Solutions for Class 5 English Prose Chapter 3 The Grateful Tenant 6

KSEEB Solutions for Class 5 English Prose Chapter 3 The Grateful Tenant 7

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