Sources 8th Notes KSEEB Social Science

→ History is the systematic study of the past events.

→ Historians collect the sources, look critically into them, analyze and then write the history.

→ Written documents and literary works are the main sources of history.

→ The literature created by Indians using native languages is called as the native literature.

→ Many foreigners who visited India as travelers, ambassadors, businessmen, officials and missionaries have recorded their observations and experience in their life.

Sources Class 8 Notes KSEEB 8th Social Science

→ Folk story, folk songs, folk legends, ballads and other that pass on from one person to another by word of month.

→ Archeological source are divide into 4 types.

→ Archeological sources are available not only on the surface of the Earth but Also hidden deep in the depths of Earth.

→ Inscriptions mean engraved writing, life stone, rock, metal, ivory, terracotta and others materials that last longer.

→ Many rulers minted gold, silver and copper coins. They gave lots of information about rulers.

→ Monuments are the major sources to write history.
Eg: Palaces, temples, forts and pillars are the important past monuments.

KSEEB 8th Social Science Notes

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