The chalukyas of Badami and the Pallavas of kanchi 8th Notes KSEEB Social Science

→ The rule of the Chalukyas began in the 6th century and ended in the middle part of the 8th century.

→ Pulakeshi II was the most powerful and noteworthy emperor of Badami Chalukyas.

→ Pulakeshi II stopped Harshavardhana, attack and earned the title of ‘Dakshinapatheshwara” and Lord of the ‘Peninsula’ for his daring act.

→ Pulakeshi II appointed his younger brother, Kubja Vishnuvardhana, as the provincial head of Vengi.

→ Pulakeshi II was an optimistic emperor. He had friendly relations with foreign kings too.

→ The Chalukyas encouraged all traditions and sects like that of the Shaivas, Vaishnavas and the Jains. They supported the construction of Jain temple and Buddhist Viharas too.

The chalukyas of Badami and the Pallavas of kanchi Class 8 Notes KSEEB 8th Social Science

→ The chalukyas of Badami patronized literature. Kannada and Sanskrit developed very well.

→ The Sanskrit scholars of this time were Ravikirti, Vijjika and Akalanka.

→ The Chalukyas developed” the Chalukyas style” of architecture.

→ The best temples in the Chalukyas style are in Aihole and Pattadkallu.

→ The Pallavas are the first kings of Tamilnadu. They ruled 4th century to 9th century.

→ Shivaskandavarma was the first king of this dynasty.

→ Mahabalipuram was built by the Narasimhavarma. Many monolithic temples were built by him.

→ The Pallavas encouraged both Sanskrit and Tamil language.

→ Kanchi was the center of Sanskrit literature.

KSEEB 8th Social Science Notes

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