The Rashtrakutas of Manvakhet & the Chalukva’S of Kalvana 8th Notes KSEEB Social Science

→ The Rashtrakutas were Kannadigas. They were the feudatory kings of the Chalukyas in the beginning.

→ The Rashtrakuta period is a glorious epoch in the history of Karnataka.

→ Rashtrakuta kingdom, which extended from the Narmada river in the north to the Cauvery river in the south.

→ Kailasanath temple at Fdlora was built by them.

→ The first kannada work, ‘Kaviraja marga’ was produced by them.

→ Dantidurga was the first ruler of Rashtrakutas.

The Rashtrakutas of Manvakhet & the Chalukva’S of Kalvana Class 8 Notes KSEEB 8th Social Science

→ Krishna, Govinda II, Dhruva, Govinda III, Amoghavarsha etc were the important rulers ofRashtrakutas dynasty.

→ Amoghavarsha was brave and peace loving and he encouraged all faiths. After him Krishna II, Indira III and Krishna III ruled the Rashtrakuta kingdom.

→ The weakness in administration during the period of karka II paved the way for the rise of his feudatory ruler Tailapa II of the Kalyana Chalukyas and brought the end of the Rashtrakuta. rule.

→ Trivikrama, Halyudha, Jinasena, Mathematician Mahaveeracharya, Shakatayana, Gunabhadra, Veerasena etc, were the writers and scholars adome the court of Rashtrakutas.

→ The Kailasanatha temple at Ellora built by Krishna I.

→ The Jain temple at Pattadakallu was the contribution of Rastrakutas.

→ The period of the Chalukyas of Kalyana enjoys an honourable place in the history of India.

→ Kannada poets like Durgasimha, Ranna, Nagachandra and other belongs to the Chalukyas of Kalyana.

→ Tailapa II was the founder of the Chalukyas of Kalyana.

→ Someshwara I, Vikramaditya VI, Someshwara II, Someshwara IV etc, among this rulers Vikramaditya VI was the greatest ruler of this dynasty.

The Rashtrakutas of Manvakhet & the Chalukva’S of Kalvana Class 8 Notes KSEEB 8th Social Science

→ Jagajyoti Basaveshwara came to the limelight. He devoted his life to spreading the values of the Veerashaiva sect to the common people.

→ Kalyana Chalukyas encouraged literature and art.

→ Kashi Vishweshwara temple at Lakkundi, Mahadev temple at Itagi, Mallikarjuna temple at Kuruvatti, Trikuteswara temple at Gadag are note worthy example of their art.

→ The Chalukyas of Kalyana encouraged music and dance.

KSEEB 8th Social Science Notes

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